J Boog Tour 2017 New Shows

One of the worlds top reggae artists is going out to play live shows next year. You’ll be able to check out the J Boog tour 2017 starting next year in January. His first show is going to be happening in San Diego California at the observatory and the date that show is January 12. There could of course be more dates added as his concerts get going, but as of right now the final show is scheduled for February 25 and it will be happening in Los Angeles California. Along the way he is going to play dates and places like Tucson Arizona, Santa Ana California, Dallas Texas, and many others. You can see all the scheduled dates for his concerts right below, so go ahead and buy some tickets that are in your area.

J Boog was raised over in Compton California but now lives in Hawaii. He started his music career by coming out with his first album which is called hear me roar and this happened in 2007. Right out of the gate he was having success with his music as his first album managed to reach number eight in the top reggae albums category of Billboard’s top 100 charts. It wasn’t until four years later in 2011 that he finally put out his EP which is simply titled J Boog. He also had a lot of success with his second album which placed at the 19th position on Billboard’s top heat seekers chart, and also managed to come in at number three over on their top reggae albums chart.

He also came out with another album in 2011 called backyard boogie. This is where his success really started to take off. This album managed to come in at number one on Billboard’s reggae charts from 2011 all the way through 2013. That’s quite impressive that a single album could dominate the reggae charts for so long. As you can probably tell from the upcoming J Boog tour 2017, he is frequently on the road and he has performed with many top artists like Ziggy Marley, The Green, as well as Rebelution. In addition to those other great artists, he is constantly bringing along the hot rain band to tour with him when he hits the road.

He started hitting the road pretty hard back in 2007 after he released his first album. Not only did he play shows extensively all over America, but you can also see him in different international locations to. He has performed concerts at this stage in his career in Japan, New Zealand, as well as Africa. He has also done his own European tour in 2011 after coming out with a bunch of new tracks at the end of 2010. He played 20 different cities with his first show on his European leg of his to her being in Norway. He’s also performed in countries like Italy, Austria, and Sweden.

You definitely want to take this opportunity to see them perform as he has been taking a break for the last several years actually. He hasn’t been to involved in heavy touring since those earlier days in his career. Now he is finally hitting the road next year, and you have a great opportunity here to buy J Boog tickets 2017. There is still plenty of time left to get amazing seats and see him at the venue of your choice. His soothing reggae sound is definitely going to improve your night, so go ahead and check out his show soon.